What to Know Before Painting Your House


You are in the mood to decorate your house or you might probably just moved into your new house. You are wondering what you can do to add some sparks of magic to your house. Well, 

some of the drastic ways to change your house are by painting it. 

antifoaming agent Malaysia
antifoaming agent Malaysia

Your home is where you will be relaxing after a full day stressing at work or school, having a good environment in your house is really important. Your home should be a place for you to be vulnerable, invite your loved ones, and also a place that makes you feel homey and comfortable. Choosing the correct color for your home is really important because it is just not a color but different colors will radiate different vibes and aura around your house. 


Pop of color 


You can express your artsy mood in your painting, that is why you need to choose the correct color for your home. If you want a certain area in your house to be the spotlight you can choose a color that will pop for instance colors like magenta, orange, or royal blue. Adding this color everywhere can make it seems like too much but the right amount of it at the right place can be perfect. Using antifoaming agent Malaysia can remove any residue and make the color stays longer and it will look more vibrant. Don’t worry, there is no correct way to express your inner art mood. 


Test the color


When buying your paint you will probably like the color, however, the moment you paint your living room with it you immediately hate how it looks. That is why you need to test it out before painting your whole wall with it. All of the sudden the warm tone green you like suddenly looks like a puke-looking green. To avoid such incidents, you can buy a sample and color a small part of your wall, and let it dry overnight. Sometimes colors can look different because of the lightning that will be reflecting the color in your house. With the help of lighting, you might be surprised at what color that you will like and what color suits your house better. Testing the color is really important so that you will not spend more money and energy repaint your house just because you hate how the color looks in your house. 


Proper tools 


To make your paint looks more high quality, you need to use the correct and proper tools. Don’t use small brushes to paint the walls in your living room! Other than having good quality paint, you will need a good brush that is suitable for your wall textures, you need a good roller to paint those high walls and ceiling. Besides that, a can of paint has lots of chemicals in it, in order to protect yourself, you will need to wear the correct clothes and also wear clothes that you are okay with having paint on them. Don’t wear your high-end clothes and expect them to be nice and clean when a splash of paint hits your clothes.


These are some tips that you can take notes on before starting to paint your house, don’t stress over it, and just make it a fun new project for you to do by yourself or with your partner. At the end of the day, you are the person that will be living in the house, so make the best out of it. 

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