Web Design 101: Creating a Compelling Home Page Design

Your website’s homepage can make or break a good first impression. Remember, you only have three seconds to please your guest. Below are quick tips in creating a good home page design.

Build your brand identity.

Consider your home page as a digital storefront. If your business offerings are not presented right then and there, your visitors would just leave without interacting with you. Your unique value proposition should be clear from the very start.

Keep every detail simple.

Do you know that websites with the simplest designs are rated better than those with complicated layouts? Now, we can say that aesthetics play a big part on how people judge a website. Execute a minimalist website design as much as possible. A busy layout can be very distracting and overwhelming.

Establish credibility with your visitors.

Eliminate all the doubts concerning your brand’s trustworthiness. When users interact with a specific brand online for the first time, they would want to know if they are legitimate and reputable. By creating a professional-looking, visually appealing and functional home page design, you are establishing your credibility in the digital landscape.


The homepage is an important page in your website. If you fail to make a good impression to new visitors, most likely, they won’t stick around and just look for another website. Your homepage is a work in progress–it would constantly need improvement and maintenance.

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