What Hair Colour Will Suit You?

Have you at any point tried out a hair colour and later on discovered that it does not suit you after the stylist was done? Besides the basic choices of blonde, brown, red or black, there is boundless number of sub-colours and shades available which can make choosing the right hair colour difficult. This is because, your hair colour can drastically affect your looks and make your skin tone look vibrant or dull. Here are a couple of tips to help you learn which hair colour looks best on you. Most importantly, have fun in styling it up.


Shades like platinum, champagne, ice, and silver look great on someone who has the cool skin with reddish undertones. Celebrities who have rocked the ash blonde perfectly with their skin tone include Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift. If you have fair and cool skin with blue undertones, go slightly warmer with your blonde by choosing gold, caramel and honey for your shades. A honey or caramel blonde is also a good choice for those with olive skin and neutral undertones or deep skin like Rihanna.


Shades like chestnuts, mocha, dark chocolate and dark auburn go great with those who have skin with warm undertones. If you’ve got yellow undertones, consider using a cool brown hair colour to brighten up your complexion. Meanwhile, for the warm undertones, choose a warmer shade like golden brown, honey, amber or mahogany.


Reddish shade like auburn, burgundy and true red will look great on someone who has fair cool skin with reddish undertone. If you have deep skin, choose a cool auburn over warm red because warmer red tones will make your skin look greenish. Meanwhile, if you have more neutral or bluish undertones in fair skin, then warm red is the right choice for you.


Hair colour like espresso, licorice, blue-black or true black is suitable for you with warm undertones. If you are fair or have olive skin, the contrast will take your yellowish undertones and will make you look like a porcelain doll. For deep skin, choose the cool black shades regardless of your undertone.

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