The Importance Of Mobile App Engagement


The mobile app development world is constantly changing and growing. Various app developers are no longer monetizing applications through selling. They are now more focused on monetizing application engagements.

It all boils down to consumer preference. According to research, 95% of the United States adult population prefers to use free mobile apps. Even wealthy consumers prefer this.

As app developers continue to utilize ad-supported app models, they increase their value engagement metrics. They can measure their app engagement in different ways: through the amount of minutes every session, how many times a mobile app has been referred to a friend, and how users update them. All of these can directly impact monetization. It determines whether or not the app developer can offer a free version in the market.

How can an app developer monetize app engagement?

Concentrate on a smooth, convenient on-boarding experience.

New app users are a crucial revenue streams for app developers. But, a lot of them are doing a poor job at engaging users. If you want to make good impression to users and business owners, make sure that the app has personalized feeds.

Keep your existing users engaged.

You should establish a good relationship by delivering the most efficient user experience available. Keep in mind that almost all users are operating on small devices and touchscreens. Your user interface should be unobtrusive.

Understand your users’ behavior, and identify what is the most strategic ad placement. Your objective is to understand what they want, and then meet and exceed their expectations.

Remember the paid downloads are not the only paths to productivity and happiness. Even the smallest details can improve engagement. More engagement equates to more advertising profit.

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