Shared Hosting VS. VPS Hosting

Are you currently looking for reliable web hosting companies in Malaysia for your new ecommerce website? No matter what niche you are in, you have plenty of different options.Remember, before committing to a web hosting plan, make sure to do comprehensive research first. Two of the options you may come across are VPS and shared hosting services.When choosing a web hosting service plan, you can have and get an idea on bluehost review in Malaysia for more reliable reviews.

What are VPS and shared hosting services?

To make your website available online all the time, you must sign up with a reliable web hosting provider. Your host would place your website data on their server, so people can access your web pages.

If you pick a shared hosting option, all of your website information can be placed on a single server with many other websites, sharing all the resources. With VPS hosting, your website would still be situated on a specific shared server.

Though, that server is to be partitioned off, so you can have the server all to yourself. That partitioned section allotted for you would give you your own designated resources. There is no need to share them with other websites on that same exact server.

Which one is better?

In terms of cost, those who are just starting out will do just fine with a shared web hosting service. In that kind of setup, you can have the chance to test the waters. There is no need to spend plenty of money doing it.

But, if you really aiming on going big, you would need to upgrade to a VPS configuration. Take note that with VPS, you can experience the best of two worlds. First, you can get a reliable plan without breaking the bank. While VPS is slightly pricier compared to shared server, it is definitely less expensive than dedicated hosting.

VPS is also more secure than shared hosting. If a website on that same server you are on is compromised by hackers, then all of the websites on that specific server can be infected.

How to pick a web hosting provider?

When it comes to selecting a web host, there are many choices at your disposal, apart from VPS or shared server.

These two are the best options for beginners, but of course, you can pick from other hosting plans. What is clear now is that if you are aiming for more stability and stronger security in a professionally run website, VPS is the way to go.

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