Best Medical Tv-Series To Binge On


Everybody loves to binge on a show, especially after a long tiring day all you want is to just lay down on the bed, snack on some chips, and watch your favorite shows. Whether it is some reality show, a fiction drama, or maybe a medical tv-series. 

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Medical TV series is one of those series that you will get hooked on once you watch it. All of the thrill, suspense, and maybe some romance are what get you excited about the series. There is plenty of medical series out there that you can binge on, here are some best medical tv-series for you to start binge-watching. 


Grey’s Anatomy 


If you are someone that loves medical series, this title will be familiar to you, it shows the life of Meredith Grey and her journey of becoming a surgeon like her legendary mother Ellis Grey. This show got it all from the medical knowledge to the suspense and also the romance. Once you start watching this series you wouldn’t even realize that you have finished the whole season of it. 


The Good Doctor 


Want something new and unique? Then this show is the perfect medical series for you. A young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome is a genius in medical issues. This is exactly what this series is about. It will show you the struggle of someone battling with autism and how he is trying to use the benefits given to him to save the lives of other people. 


Chicago Med 


You want something real, something that will make you constantly feel on edge, this is what this show is about. The Chicago Med is one of the medical series that is realistic enough and portrayed the life of medical staff. All of the cases that they handle are also relatable to real-life situations. Not only that, but they also really portrayed how medicine work in real life.  




This may not be the most famous and well-known medical tv-series, but this show portrayed it well when it comes to accuracy. Even real-life doctors are shocked about how well this series portrayed the image of medical staff. Portraying the struggles that the resident of the hospital are facing and also the cases that they have to handle. This series really managed to capture it well! 


Doogie Howser M.D 


Want something light-hearted, old-school, funny yet still have the medical elements? Then Doogie Howser M.D is the show for you. This is some of the old medical tv-series that a lot of people still love today. Starred by the famous Neil Patrick Harris, this show is the perfect medical tv series to watch with your family, after dinner. 


There are many more medical tv-series that you can binge on, however, you must remember that all of these tv series are people acting like a doctor. If you are interested in medical maybe you can further your study in ‘bidang perubatan. Who knows? After years of watching medical tv series, you will want to make it your career. 

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