Becoming A Social Media Influencer In Malaysia

People by nature are socially inclined, by default, most people yearn for acceptance and recognition in a community. To illustrate, ages back, this natural inclination has been observed and noted by our predecessors, to quote Aristotle, “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human.” With this excerpt, man’s tendency to be connected and feel connected is succinctly put. For further illustration, in the current setting, we can observe this disposition by the number of people who are active in their social media or messaging platforms. Nowadays, there is no shortage of social media users and in effect social media influencers. In view of most user’s proclivity for social media acceptance, more and more users tend to rise above others and become social media influencers.

Social media influencers are social media users with a large following and are considered to wield some influence on other users, this influence is based not solely on the number of followers, it also comes with the views and popularity of content. For this reason, becoming a social media influencer does not only bring popularity and mass affirmation but it can bring monetary gains as well. Depending on the scale of followers and the number of views, likes and subscriptions, becoming a social media influencer can become a lucrative and fun online work. If you are thinking of making a good start, here are some pointers for your future social media influencing career.

1. Identify your market

Same with starting any kind of business ventures, you have to start by identifying the market of whatever you are starting. In terms of doing it in social media, you have to know who your target audience is and the content they will be interested in. This will be the foundation of your career as an influencer since the audience will be the basis of your content and in the extension of your popularity.

2. Boost your social media profile

In social media, appearance is everything, using this principle, most social media users will more likely be enticed to follow someone with a very interesting profile. In addition, adding consistent and interesting content in your profile is a way to keep the audience engaged. For these reasons, keeping a well-curated, interesting and dynamic profile will score you points with your audience.

3. Be open to collaboration

As a social media influencer, offers to collaborate will be common offers along the way and this will be great opportunities to add followers and audience, improve content and boost profile. As more influencers emerge, the market becomes more saturated, thus the need to innovate ways to keep the followers engaged. In addition, for more influential influencers this poses a greater chance of earning more and having partnerships with organizations and companies. If collaboration efforts go well, this may even be a way to keep long term working relationships and crucial sponsorships.

To reiterate, social acceptance is what most people strive to achieve. Aside from its being innate in humans, in this day and age of connectivity, engaging in social media is the accepted norm. As a result, people are trying this new avenue to achieve fame and in some, even make this as a new career and source of much-needed income. Here are some tips on the other ways to make money online, other than being a social media influencer.

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