7 Best Affiliate Networks in 2020

If you are looking for the best affiliate networks out there today, then you’ve come to the right article. Read further to find out some of the best affiliate marketing networks that are worth your time.

United Affiliates Network

The first affiliate network on the list is the UAN or the United Affiliates Network. This is focused solely on the finance and gambling industries so if you are into these niches, then this is the one that you should get.
What I love about this is that you not only have products that are associated with the said niches but they also provide you with tools that can help measure your success as well.


ShareASale has become a household name when it comes to affiliate networks since it has been operating for more than 19 years.
The entire platform is quite efficient and it has plenty of big-name brands that will surely entice the novice and experience affiliate marketers alike.


Formerly known as buy.com, Rakuten used to be a measly affiliate network but has grown quite substantially in recent years. In fact, it has grown quite well in that it was considered as one of the top affiliate networks in 2018.
That being said, this platform focuses on the B2B2C model wherein it not only transacts with businesses but also connects middlemen (such as yourself) to businesses and consumers as well.


Fiverr is the place to be for digital services. If you want to have a logo created for your business, for example, you can go here just for that.
The company also provides a really nice and enticing affiliate program wherein you will be given a flat $150 commission on the first purchase using your special affiliate link.
The great thing about this platform is that a lot of people go here and so long as you are promoting their services, you are always assured of great profits as a result.

CJ Affiliate

CJ stands for Commission Junction and it is a network of different big-name brands that you can enroll to.
What’s more, becoming a CJ affiliate is easy and once you sell products using the affiliate link provided to you, you will get a hefty commission each and every time.

eBay Partner

A huge website that sells user-generated generated products, eBay is one of the best platforms if you are into promoting products that sell.
One of the perks of being an affiliate of this platform is that you are given first-class tools that will help you sell and promote the products that are on offer. Think about tracking, reporting, and network tools that are there at your disposal.


This affiliate network mainly focuses on selling digital products. Think about eBooks and software. If you are into this kind of stuff, then be sure to consider this as one of your options.

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