5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Posts

Writing better blog posts can help increase your chances of being successful in blogging. That being said, what are the things that you can do to help improve your content writing? Here are some ridiculously easy ways:

Never Skip the Intro

For a time, some writers are lead to believe that the actual body of the content is the most important part of any blog post or article. That is true to this day, but it doesn’t mean that you skip the introduction. Or, if you do not skip the intro, you basically just write placeholder words in an effort to just write one ‘just because’.

Your introduction is actually quite important because it is the one paragraph that will hook your readers into reading everything. If you do not have a compelling introduction, you will experience high bounce rates since people will just skip reading the entire blog post.

In order for you to hook your readers with your introduction, you must use punchy and thought-provoking works in your sentences. Remember that the first paragraph of your content is so important, so you want something that piques your readers’ interest- enticing them to completely read your post.

Add Some ‘Loops’

I am pretty sure that you have a favorite show that you watch on television. Ever wonder why the best scenes are cut by a commercial break? Those cliffhangers can build tension and excitement, which is why you want to add them to your writing. Writers call this as ‘opening a loop’.

An example of a loop in blog writing is where you say something interesting and pay it off later in the article. This gives the reader the incentive to finish the article because you have now gained their interest.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

People actually just skim your content to find anything that they find appealing. That being said, you want to structure your blog post in a way that makes it so much easier for your readers to digest.

There are many ways you can do this. You can either use bullet points, extra paragraphs, or even clever usage of your subheadings as well. Also, if you want to prove a point or if you want to add a point of emphasis, use bolds, italics, or even underlines too.

Write Interesting Titles

Aside from your introduction, another hook that is equally as important to the intro is the title. In fact, you could say that the title is more important than your introduction since this will allow you to know if you are actually getting clicks or a high CTR.

What is wrong with this title: “Benefits of Meditation”? There are no grammatical errors or anything and the usage of words is okay, but the title is just too bland or generic that people just do not want to click on it.

However, simple tweaks can be made to turn a generic title into something that is compelling to click on. So, with the example above, you can turn it into “7 Amazing Benefits of Meditation that You Should Know About”, which makes it arguably more enticing than the previous one.

Be Consistent Until the End

Your conclusion is also important even though the ones that I’ve mentioned earlier take the bigger part of the blog-writing cake. That being said, your conclusion should tie everything together. Do not forget to write a good conclusion since this is where you will encourage or entice your readers to opt-in, subscribe, buy from you, or even share your post on their social media accounts.

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